Social Event Yacht Cruise

Have you every wanted to host a memorable event?

Whether it’s a Family Reunion, Ash Scattering, Anniversary, or any other social gather you might have in
mind we can help.  Del Rio Yachts does not provide your basic catering hall or restaurant for your Social
Gathering.  We have luxury charter yachts in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut harbor to host your
special day.  Imagine the sunset, the fresh air, elegant cuisine, and dancing under the stars on your very own
luxury yacht.  You and your guests will be the only ones on board having the time of your lives.  We have
many different options for you and your guests.  Whether you want a specific themed or traditional event we
can make it happen.  We have charter boats and charter yachts providing cruises with full entertainment and
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Professional Event Planning
Aboard Luxurious
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Have Your Next Event Aboard A Private Yacht:
Recommended Yachts For Social Event Yacht Cruises
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Lexington Yacht Charter Boat Cruise
Aqua Azul Yacht Charter Boat Cruise
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