What kind of company is Del Rio Yachts?
Del Rio Yachts offers luxury yachts and boats for memorable charters or cruises—whether you’re
splurging on a storybook wedding for up to 1,200 guests or an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime dinner for two.
We will host your special event on your own elegant “private yacht” rather than in a landlocked restaurant
or crowded catering hall. Best of all, you and your guests will be wined and dined with a view of the harbor’
s star-studded skyline. It truly is an event no guest will ever forget.

Are events on yachts more expensive than those held in banquet halls?
Having your event aboard a yacht or boat isn’t necessarily more expensive than having it in a banquet
room. Different factors come into play that affect prices, including the type of yacht, menu selection, length
of cruise and entertainment. If you compare our price packages to a banquet room offering the same
menu and details, you’ll see that our packages are competitive. But of course we offer something that no
banquet hall ever can—a moving panorama of the glittering New York, New Jersey or Connecticut skyline.

How long are the events held aboard yachts?
This is completely up to you. Del Rio Yachts will suggest how much time is needed to completely execute
your event. Our suggestions will factor in all details of the occasion. For example, a corporate cocktail
reception can easily be held, start to finish, on a three-hour cruise. But if you’re having your wedding on
board, including ceremony, cocktail hour, sit-down dinner, full open bar, dancing and all other formalities,
we recommend a minimum of five hours.

Does the boat rock during the cruise?
Guests take a very special voyage, but we remain within one mile of shore at all times. The land masses
on either side buffer the yacht from rocking. Once underway, the trained captain of the vessel will navigate
the river to provide a smooth ride. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to balance a glass of
champagne and shrimp cocktail without a hitch!

How can I preview the yacht?
Once you have an initial telephone consultation with one of our event coordinators, we will email you
information to review. After your review, we will set up an appointment to show you the vessel of your
liking.  One of our event coordinators will meet you on the yacht and explain all details and answer any
questions you might have.

How do I reserve a yacht?
Once you decide on a yacht, time and date, we will place a hold for you. Your hold will become a legal
agreement once we receive the deposit and contract for that yacht. If another client makes a request for
your yacht on the same date before we have received your deposit and contract, we will contact you and
provide a 24-hour window to submit your deposit and contract. If we don’t receive your deposit and
contract within the 24-hour window, we will then have to forfeit your hold and make the yacht available to
the next client.

What do you recommend for entertainment?
Entertainment on the water is a careful consideration. There’s already so much to see and do on the yacht
that whatever you choose has to be scheduled at just the right time so it doesn’t interfere with the flow of
the cruise and the sights it offers. One of our event coordinators will be happy to work with you on options.
We will then set up and coordinate all entertainment for your event so that the entire experience is stress-
free for you. We have every choice you can imagine, whether you prefer a live band, DJ, magicians, tarot
card readers or caricaturists. We have seen it all, booked it all and can provide it all—and that includes
meeting equipment such as microphones and podiums and wedding details such as cakes and fresh

Will we have the yacht to ourselves?
Different boats have different options but generally, you will have the yacht to yourself. On larger yachts,
you may book the whole yacht or choose to have a private deck while another event is hosted onboard.  
We are happy to assist you with these decisions and look forward to helping you plan your charter.

What months do you operate?
We operate all year long.  Our charters are held rain or shine.  All of our elegantly appointed yachts are air-
conditioned in hot weather and heated when it's cold.

How far in advance should I book my charter?
The sooner you book, the better. Our calendar fills up fast, especially in popular party seasons. By January
of every year, most of the prime Friday and Saturday nights during the summer months are already
booked—though sometimes we may have rare cancellations that free up a prime date. Call us as soon as
you know what you’d like. We’ll help make your dream come true.
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